The land of the midnight sun
Video, 19’40, newspaper and 8 photographic prints,
variable dimensions
They call it the land of the midnight sun, Sweden, their homeland. The film builds upon an audio tape recording sent in 1964 by two brothers of my grand-mother that, like many swedes, emigrated to America in the beginning of the 20th century. This tape, sent after forty years of life over-there is meant to explain ”the american way of life” to their swedish relatives. I’ve been filming the places they left in Luleå, Sweden and its surroundings, now, a hundred years later. The places they used to call a home, filmed under the light of the midnight sun.
An experiment in nostalgia. The film is accompanied by a serie of portraits of the members of the two families and a newspaper sharing most of the letters send by the american brother Wayne, to his sister Adelina during 30 years. Wayne Brandon, whose inital name was Arvid Johansson, took the name of his birth-village, Brändön as a last name, giving also hiis name to this newspaper. 

5/07 --> 29/09-2017  Norrbottens Museet, Luleå, Sweden
4/10 --> 14/10-2017  Arkhangelsk international culture center, 
                                           Arkhangelsk, Russia
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