The Author’s journey, 2014
19x24 cm
232 p.
This book is a compilation of contents pages, title pages, covers and pictures extracted from 51 stories written by explorers, artists, scientists and historians of The Great North published between 1555 and today. All those books are archived in The central library of Luleå, in Norrbotten, Sweden.They are successive fictions of this land, examined through the prism of the social function, the origin and the time of each individual.Together they create a fragmentary narrative with crossed stories of the discovery of this territory and question the role of the book in the construction of a collective imaginary.
The choice of an organization with a thematic structure rather than a chronological aims to build a dialogue between different thought models of this space : mythical stories with esotericism and magical thoughts, colonialist perspectives, romanticism and scientific rationalization. And thus to reveal persistences, echoes apart from a linear conception of History, a sum of models that guide our present perception.
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